At First Presbyterian Church

Our Roots and Goals

The Florida Flute Club at Gainesville was formed in the fall of 1972 by a nucleus of flutists from the Gainesville university community.  The purposes of the Florida Flute Club are:
   1) to provide an opportunity for members to perform and appear in formal and informal recitals and programs;
   2) to provide flutists an opportunity to play in chamber ensembles and flute choirs;
   3) to sponsor guest artists for master classes and performances; and
   4) to enable members to share ideas and experiences and to become better listeners and performers.

The Club developed a tradition of offering several public concerts each year — in the fall, in the Christmas season, and a spring concert of “music for flutes.”  In 2003, the performing group of the Florida Flute Club at Gainesville adopted the name Gainesville Flute Ensemble and continued the tradition of offering fine flute choir music to our community.  Wherever possible, the Ensemble has expanded its season, offering its holiday program in as many as six venues in a season and exploring varied performance opportunities, such as Gainesville’s Spring Arts Festival.

The current membership in the Ensemble, about twenty flutists, includes active music teachers, retired university faculty members, adult amateur flutists, and talented students.  We are a diverse group of individuals brought together by the shared joy of offering to our community the special sound of flute music.